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Yesterday, I wrote this post because I wanted to appreciate what a great day I was having. I found a talent for a show the production company I intern for is working on, and my bosses were very happy with me. My other assignment for the day was to work on a logo, and I had full creative control and got to use their Wacom tablet and stylus! After spending the day drawing, talking to my best friend, and listening to music I loved in high school, I went out for dinner and drinks with my coworkers and had a great time just goofing around.

However, I don’t only want to write about being happy because I’m happy. I want you to be happy! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how important it is. You only have one life to live, this is no time to be sad! If there is literally nothing going right in your life right now, you are still breathing. You are alive! Do you even realize that? What are the chances of you being here? Think of how many times you’ve gone to sleep and then opened your eyes again in the morning! What a miracle.

I made a little playlist of super upbeat, happy songs that can boost you even if you’re in the worst of moods. You can download it for free below! Delete the ones you don’t like after you download it, add your own, whatever you want. This is your amazing life! Put on some happy music and dance around your room in your underwear, seriously.

I hope you’re having an amazing day, whoever you are, whenever you’re reading this. Life is beautiful, and even when everything isn’t perfect, you deserve to be happy.


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